Finally! A website WITH a blog!!

I've had xyz website hosting for a year and man, it's been tough to just have a boring old storefront type website. I'm so glad to have the new hosting that allows a template for blogging. 

I love writing about the process and I love writing about the process because I realized that not everyone's brain works like mine. So I thought I'd share the order form process with you in the hopes you can get an idea of how to order up a custom ring. Or you can point to a ring and say "I want that ring" and I'll totally roll with it! 

It works like this with spinner rings, sizing and ordering. 

They're all pretty much 1/2" wide - you can go wider and have fun with it or you can go narrower and the spinners won't spin or barely. 

So you start with 

Size - this is the MOST important out of any of it. I can make the most amazing ring for you and if it doesn't fit, we're both sad. So, please contact me about my spinner ring sizers I keep on hand to send out to customers who want to order the wide band spinner rings. 

Let's say I'm a size 7.5 wedding band and my wedding band is about 2-3 mm. If I tried to put on a size 7.5 ring that is about 1/2" wide, it's not even going to get over my knuckle! So with spinner rings or wide band rings, I usually suggest 1/2 size or 1 full size larger. Once these rings are flared, I cannot size up or down. 

Even a ring that's off by 1/8th of a size can feel too tight with a wide band ring. 

Metal - Do you want sterling, copper, brass for your main ring (next to your finger)

What do you want on that main ring? 

You can have it plain, hammered, hammered a lot (I have tons of texture hammers and you can see the patterns of the hammer strikes in my gallery of things I've made) 

You can have the metal patterned with rolling mill pattern paper. The sky is the limit! Shoot me an email at and I'll send you photos of the pattern papers I have in stock. 

You can have it stamped. With hand stamping, the sky is the limit. I can hand stamp anything on the inside OR the outside of the ring. It's so much fun! 

You can have the metal edges straight or I can cut into it with a jewelers saw. 

You can have the metal "naked" or you can have it antiqued - which lends a very dramatic way of highlighting the stamping, the patterns and the like. 


Here, you can have mixed metal spinners - which means you can have sterling silver, copper or brass. Most rings will accommodate 3 skinny band spinners easily. You can have a mix of skinny rings and a band that is stamped with your quote/song lyric etc. You can have just one band spinner (skinny rings are from round wire and bands are from narrow strips of metal) I can cut the metal any width. Just keep in mind if your main band (next to your skin) is covered with stamping, you won't be able to see the designs so maybe just have one spinner if there's a lot of designs on the main band. Just something to keep in mind. 

You can mix and match. You can have a copper main band, a sterling main band and then the spinners can all mix/match or be the same. You can have them all antiqued or just the main band antiqued and the spinners naked or vice versa. 

And, best of all, you can add a birthstone to the spinner ring on top of everything else!!

Hope this helps clarify questions you might have had :)