I'm known for my "i am enough" spinner ring

If you've been looking for a custom ring of any kind, it's my pleasure to help you design (or give me free artist license!) your ring. From a simple band, wrap ring to the more complex spinner ring with multiple spinners or stones. 

Your ring, your way. 

My goal is to spread the message of "I am enough" & help promote healthier self esteem through jewelry. 




Your ring, your way

You'll see a wide variation of spinner rings that can be designed. You can mix and match designs, metals and colors. It's so much fun if you let yourself relax and enjoy it. I've made thousands of rings over the years and sold hundreds of spinner rings to people all over the world. I've spent years experimenting with metals and designs and have had too much fun. 

No question is too big or small. I've ordered custom items before and remember being completely overwhelmed. I get it, it's a lot of information if you've never ordered a spinner ring before but trust me, it's fun and easier than you think. 

I've got years of experience of walking hundreds of people through custom orders. I'm patient and I don't judge for anything. 

I've designed jewelry for people who have self esteem issues and need a constant reminder of their worthiness - and their self esteem might have been poor for many multiple reasons. Whatever your reasons are, I don't judge. I have no right to. We all have our struggles. 

I only say these things because sometimes the secret message inside the ring is important. "Not today" is the most powerful secret message I've hand stamped for someone inside their ring band. What would your secret message be? 

"Not today" for their private secret message meant that they wouldn't kill themselves/harm themselves. 

I've designed rings for people with weight issues, sexual identity issues, family problems, marital problems, addictions, anorexia, self harm and many others. 

I never share your secret message with anyone. I think the secret message and the "I am enough" messages are sacred and precious. 

"I am enough" - say it for you, say it for them :)