The process

You know those song writers who say they wake up at 2 a.m. out of a dead sleep, write the song in 5 minutes and they don't know where it comes from? I have the same thing - not just with writing but with jewelry design. I don't know where the ideas come from, I just know they are there and I accept them. I try not to judge them as good or bad anymore. It's just there and comes naturally. 

The ideas come naturally - the skills I'm still building on! 

It really all does start with sheets of copper, sterling silver and brass. And coils of sterling silver, fine silver, copper and brass wire.

It all begins with the metal. I listen to it. I lay it all out and slowly, like some cosmic dance - it all comes together. It's not really mysterious, it's matter of fact. Sometimes a copper ring wants to be paired with turquoise when I have my heart set on a Sunstone. Or earrings want to be round instead of square. Sometimes I stare at a piece of paper and it comes alive in a sketch. I mutter to myself a lot while I work. I ask myself questions "will it work like this?" "what would happen if?...." and I let it happen. 

I try to never "marry an idea" or get so committed to it that I miss the magic of metal and creativity. I love to hit buttons on my computer, in the car, at the stores and see what happens. Sometimes it causes trouble but it's such a playful way of finding my way through things. 

Every jewelry designer has a pile of "happy accidents" and after a few years of being pissed off at it, I've learned to embrace it. Sometimes the solder doesn't flow, or the stone breaks as you're setting it. Some days I close the door because, it's just not happening. I trust this process now. I know when I am ready, the muse will be there and I'll create again.