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Custom spinner rings are awesome for the fidgeters of the world. Custom self esteem jewelry is designed for people who would like a reminder that they are worthy. 

The story behind my "I am enough" jewelry is this.... 

In the early 1990's my brother was dying and took my daughters and I to Disney World before he got too sick to do anything. Tony was the most gentle, kind, empathetic human being I've ever met. I was so lucky to have him <3 

While we were standing in line for one of the rides, he grabbed my arm and really loud said "Look at that shirt, LOOK AT IT!" 

If you knew my brother, you would know he's not animated or loud or anything like that. He was quiet and pretty reserved. So, he got my attention. 

Anyway, long story short - some guy was wearing a shirt with "I am enough" printed on it in big letters. 

This impacted my brother in such a way that for the next few months he was always bringing the saying up and telling me how much worth I had. And how the shirt had helped him some by just repeating 3 little words. 

I. Am. Enough. 

For whatever reason I didn't put that much stock into what he was going on and on about, but as the years went on, it became very clear how important and how ... life changing those three words could be, if one were to repeat it over and over and perhaps believe it for themselves. 

My brother tried to instill in me with every ounce of energy he had that this message was meant for me - and for everyone who dealt with issues surrounding self worth. 

There is a saying...  "We see when we can see, and,  we hear when we can hear" and when I finally "heard" the message my brother was trying to pass along, it hit me like a ton of bricks. 

I understood his excitement when he yelled "LOOK AT THAT SHIRT" ... at last. 

I'd been in the mental health field as a professional and volunteer for years. In 2007ish, when funding for my job dried up, I left. I was still restless and still had that "helping people" running through my blood. 

When I left the mental health field I still wanted to help people or find a way to uplift them. It's just who I am. I can't imagine doing anything else. 

I can't think of a better way to do several things at once, honor my brother with this wonderful memory - pass along an amazing life affirming message to others and have a job that I absolutely love. I have more hammers than I have shoes. I get excited when a tool sale comes on. Instead of following the latest hairstyles, I follow the price of silver and buy silver when it is priced low - so I can pass the savings along to you. 

Spinner rings that have the "I am enough" message on them are great for spinning while repeating the words to themselves. I spin mine all the time. Whenever I'm the new kid in the room or whenever the need arises. 

Like many of you, I forget to breathe. I'm constantly busy in my head when I allow the energy of anxiety to hold me hostage. I breathe in positive and breathe out negative. And I'm spinning my rings the entire time. The spinning helps me slow down that energy buildup and gives it a place to go. 

Otherwise, the brain to mouth filter is disengaged and I find myself saying the weirdest things to ease the tension. I don't think I'm a freak and nor should you - although it certainly FEELS like it! 

You are enough. I am enough. We're all enough. There's room for everyone at the table :) 

Now you know :) 



Self esteem jewelry

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Working in the mental health field as a volunteer and then as a professional - I know that anxiety, depression and everything in between comes with its own set of interesting habits. 

As a person with anxiety and depression as well as "bright shiny things" - I also understand that fidgeting can be err...distracting to others. 

So I found a way to help others remember that they are enough and self soothe. I get it! 

I can hand stamp your "I am enough" message on the INSIDE of the main ring so it remains a private message. Some people prefer to spin their fidget rings and not have the world know. I get it! 

I wear my rings on my thumbs ;) 

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