Hand stamped Worthy self esteem sterling silver wrap ring bypass ring

Hand stamped Worthy self esteem sterling silver wrap ring bypass ring


Custom and personalized. Sterling silver ring. Wrap / bypass style.

Any size

This ring is about 1/4" wide and is hammered to give it texture and hand stamped with the simple, but powerful word...


I'm the original creator of the "I am enough" spinner ring. I wanted to share the powerful effects that words have on our minds. I practiced it in my own life and I taught others when I was in the counseling field.

My "I am enough" wrap rings have been successful but I'm hearing stories of women not feeling their worth in this world. I look into your faces and hear your stories and my eyes well up with tears as I think to myself "how can this beautiful woman NOT see her own value and worth in this world? What can I give her to help her believe in herself?"

So now you know why I hug people, everywhere I go!

So I wanted just one word (is there EVER just ONE word? Gosh!) that you can look at and focus on.

Years ago in a blog post, I wrote "whatever we focus on, grows" when I was talking about how we talk to ourselves...

So, I'm a firm believer that if you focus on your value, it will grow. Yes, you'll still have your moments where you're going through it and don't feel like much...but I want this to be something you look at and say to yourself "I am worthy" and feed that belief system.

You're invaluable - just the way you are. You're worth all the time in the world. You're worth the hug, you're worth the tuitio, you're worth leaving a bad relationship, you're worth the travels, the pretty flowers, you're worth the kind words, you're worth the money, the energy ...all of it. All. Of. It.

We. Are. All. Worthy.

I have 10 fingers and one neck and two wrists - there are days when my fingers all have rings that say some self affirmation thing and I'll even put my necklace that I made for myself that has my focus point on it... And I'll hold that necklace and rub it like a worry stone from back in the day. And I'll just say my mantra of the day. Over and over - until I believe it. I have days and weeks where I just don't need external reminders and I'm in my happy flow place.

I loved the story of Dumbo the Elephant, holding on to that feather so he could fly. Then one day, he flew, lost the feather and didn't fall. Turns out he didn't need the feather after all. I still need my feather once in awhile. I like being able to look at my ring and have the reminder to focus on my self worth - and believe in my value in this world.

I don't know if "Worthy" is a word you need to say to yourself to remind yourself - maybe it's another word - let me know!

Let me tell you all the times I thought I wasn't worthy, took a little gamble with my own value and it paid off - Single motherhood, believing I was smart enough for college, starting a small business with my own money, moving 1,000 miles away with no real plans, finding a guy that values me, pulling out of a lifelong depression... not in that order but you get the gist... As I continue this journey of small business and grow, I am still scared and I still wear my words. Call me weird but it works!

Comes in a gift box, hand wrapped with a ribbon. Perfect for gift giving on any occasion

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