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Spinner ring sizing/wide band ring sizing


Spinner ring sizing

is a bit different than just strolling into your local friendly jewelers and asking for their every day ring sizer. 

I'm finding many people do not know what size they are with my wide band spinner rings. 

Many of you already know that wide bands require an extra 1/2 to a full size larger as the wide bands displace more skin than a skinny band. For example, if you put a size 7 spinner ring on, that is 1/2" wide, it won't fit. You'll need a 7.5 or an 8. This is not the case with everyone, as there are always exceptions to the rule. 

I've sent many people to their local jewelers to be sized and have discovered that many jewelers are not equipped for larger wide band ring sizers. 

This led me to create a small line of larger size 1/2" wide spinner ring "sizers" 

These are all copper, rough draft type spinner ring shaped sizers. They are NOT finished "ready to wear" spinner rings. They do not have a spinner and they are truly "rough draft"

Please contact me for more information on spinner ring sizers. They're just like the ring sizers you see in the jewelers stores, but made just for my spinner rings. 

You can also go to my facebook page and find the video where I talk about the wide band ring size :)