Copper and copper or copper and sterling silver I am enough spinner fidget ring

Copper and copper or copper and sterling silver I am enough spinner fidget ring


Custom copper I am enough spinner spin anxiety ring personalized size

*Please enter your 1/2" ring size, not regular ring size. This helps speed production and ensures a great fit*

Do the words "I am enough" strike a chord within you?

Maybe you can spin this and trust that you are already enough, just the way you are.

You're a child of the Universe or God or whatever it is that you believe in.

Meditate on your worth in this world, spin the old worn ideas that you are worthless away.

Spin to remind yourself you are worthy of love, and are of value here.

Maybe you know someone who could really use this message and wish to give them the gift of uplifting hope that they'll one day feel better about themselves.

Perfect for teenagers as a gift or anyone else who is struggling.

Is this ring a cure all? Of course not... but if it's true that we become what we think of, then maybe it will be a tool towards self worth.

Hope... we could all use some. Love, we could all use some of that too...loving yourself is the key to loving others.

We started making the "I am enough" spinner rings back in 2006'ish to give people something to fidget with while saying "I am enough" over and over. They say that if you think it, you become it.

So many people are filled with "not good enough" messages, so we're trying to change the world, one ring at a time. Sounds hokey but it's true!

This ring is an affordable alternative to the sterling silver spinner ring with the "I am enough" message.

It's also wonderful for people who love copper and would rather have copper instead of silver.

You can see the variations of color, metals and stampings vary, which is why we need clear communication :) I want this to be the best experience for you!!

Great for graduations, mothers day, birthday presents or any special occasions as well!

*the ring you receive will be polished and not have scratches... these photos are not the best :)

I will need

1.) Ring size

2.) Do you want your base (the part closest to your finger) shiny or dark? If you leave this blank it will be shiny. The base ring is the part that is flared out and holds the spinner.. and the base is copper in this ring. The spinner can be any material you wish :)

4.) Spinner (the part that's stamped) - Copper or silver or brass? and you want your spinner shiny or dark (oh the joys of custom work yay!) YOU GET TO CHOOSE! :) If you leave this part blank, then it will be copper.

5.) How wide do you want your ring? Standard is around 1/2" If you leave this blank, the default will be around 1/2"

6.) Fonts~ lower case or uppercase? if you leave this part blank, then it will be lowercase

7.) I have heart stamps, butterfly stamps, dragonfly stamps, the "om" sign stamp, Christian cross stamps and dandelion stamps... if you want a stamp let me know and I can snap a pic of the stamp and let you decide :) If you leave this part blank I will assume you don't want a stamp and not put one on there :)

Every ring I make is unique. There is no cookie cutter recipe for the size variations or the hammer variations. Your ring will be different than the photos listed, isn't that cool? Unique in every sense of the word!!

YOU get to design it and I'll make it exactly the way you want :)

All custom rings are sealed on the inside so they don't make your fingers green :)

During holidays please allow extra time as custom orders get backed up

Convo me if you have any questions!

Edited to add~ I seal all of my copper rings with a special sealer. Sometimes this will not work and depending on your body chemistry...the ring will turn your finger green. Try using clear nail polish. Please understand that I don't give refunds for a copper ring turning your finger green :)

I can personalize anything in my shop, and I love making personal custom jewelry for yourself or as a gift. I specialize in personalized jewelry, mostly rings ~ for all occasions. Birthdays, anniversary gifts, bridal showers, baby showers, memorial jewelry, motivational jewelry, graduations, Mother's Day, Father's Day, wedding day, commitment ceremonies, Christmas gifts, Valentines Day and Thank you gifts! I'm a proud supporter of LGBT rights and believe everyone has the right to marry. If you have a unique idea for something totally out of the box, then it will thrill me to the moon to work with you to make your ideas come to life!

Please note: Almost all sterling/copper/brass jewelry tarnishes. No refunds will be given due to tarnishing. Some people react to certain metals more than others. It's not a defect in my work or the metals I use. Convo me for great tips on how to prevent tarnish and keep the green down.

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