Custom sterling silver hand stamped Breathe spinner ring

Custom sterling silver hand stamped Breathe spinner ring


Sterling silver custom spinner spinning spin meditation ring

This is a 1/2" wide sterling silver ring that has been hand stamped with "breathe" in the middle ring.

The outer two rings spin freely, just like the ring with "breathe" on it. The texture on the main band is like a tree trunk.

I created these rings so that people could have something to do with their anxiety or nervous energy. I find these rings soothing myself and find them fun to wear as well.

"Breathe" in particular focuses on inhaling and exhaling. My examples apply for me - but I'll share them here so you can see if they might help you too.

I inhale positive and exhale negative. Inhale "Courage" and exhale "fear"

I inhale "now" and exhale "future" (because isn't that what anxiety is anyway? fear of the future)

I basically say the positive word I'm pulling into my body and exhaling the word that is causing me the most angst. Some words are more powerful and connecting than others and they seem to work all about the same. At the same time I'm breathing, I spin the rings.

Maybe "Breathe" isn't your word. I can create your word on your very own spinner. Let me know if I can help with that!

All four rings were tumbled overnight, left shiny and are extremely smooth and comfortable to wear.

Comes in a gift box, tied with a ribbon and is ready for gift giving (even to yourself)

Ships in 1-2 weeks as each piece is custom made when they are ordered. It will take more time during holidays.

If there’s another word that speaks to you, I’ll be happy to hand stamp it on the outer band as well.

Want a custom "breathe" meditation ring? Convo me, I would love to make one for you!

The filled in areas will wear off over time.They are filled in with industrial permanent ink so they’ll last longer but over time, this will fade.

Keeping the ring dry and free of oils will help this. Avoid wearing it while bathing, cleaning or swimming as it dulls the finish.

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