I am enough necklace

I am enough necklace


Sterling silver "I am enough" necklace. Hand stamped with the positive message of three powerful words that are meant to empower you while you wear it.

I'm a huge believer in positive messages and I think if we all believed this message of "I am enough" just a little bit, that life would be sweeter. To value yourself, to honor yourself and to love yourself. It's an inspirational message that if we can say for ourselves and for others.

When I wear my "I am enough" necklace and I'm out and about and not feeling all that "enough" I'll reach up and touch my pendant as a gentle reminder. It's sometimes all I need to do to be grounded again. One of my friends told me to hand stamp a heart hidden behind the pendant, to remind myself of how much I am loved. Want a hidden heart? I can add one so you can do the same thing!

You have your choice of heart (like in photo)

Circle (like in photo)

Short vertical bar #1 (like in the photo)

Longer vertical bar #2 (like in the photo)

The item you receive may vary from the photo because each time I hand stamp it's a bit different.

Each necklace comes with a silver filled 18” chain.

Arrives in a gift box tied with a ribbon, perfect for gift giving!

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