Sterling silver custom I am enough spinner fidget ring

Sterling silver custom I am enough spinner fidget ring


"I am enough" in sterling silver. Truly custom and truly personalized. Any size! Known as Spinner rings, spinning rings, spin rings, worry rings, fidget rings and whew.. meditation rings!

*Please enter your 1/2" ring size, not regular ring size. This helps speed production and ensures a great fit*

Do the words "I am enough" strike a chord within you?

Maybe you can spin this and trust that you are already enough, just the way you are.

You're a child of the Universe or God or whatever it is that you believe in.

Meditate on your worth in this world, spin the old worn ideas that you are worthless away.

Spin to remind yourself you are worthy of love, and are of value here.

I've had customers email me to tell me that they spin to remind themselves they are worthy to not smoke, overeat or self harm. A visual reminder to just stop and breathe.

Breathe in "I am enough" and breathe out the negative thought. One spin per breath. I do this when I have anxiety. It helps. I don't know if it will help you, I can't promise anything.

It's not a cure all, it's not medicine, I make no claims.

What I DO know though, is what you focus on...grows.

We started making the "I am enough" spinner rings back in 2006ish. I really wanted to give people something tangible to hold and play with while they worked on internalizing the message that they are worthy, have value and deserve all the good stuff in life.

Maybe you know someone who could really use this message and wish to give them the gift of uplifting hope that they'll one day feel better about themselves.

Perfect for teenagers as a gift or anyone else who is struggling.

Is this ring a cure all? Of course not... but if it's true that we become what we think of, then maybe it will be a tool towards self worth.

Hope... we could all use some. Love, we could all use some of that too...loving yourself is the key to loving others. At least I think so :)

The photos show the reflections that are from me, the camera and whatever else was in the room when I was photographing. There are no cracks, etc :)

Spinner rings are great for worrying, fidgeting, anxiety as well as meditation. They can be a great focal point on top +of breathing to lower the anxiety levels and bring you back to a place of being centered. I wear mine on my thumb and mostly spin it when I'm meeting new people or in the line at the grocery store :) I know I'm repeating myself here's worth repeating!

And, if your story isn't over, please convo me about the semi colon added to the ring- whether it's on the inside where it's private, or on the outside where you can see it. I'd love to make this ring truly yours.

You can have your “I am enough” (or “I am worthy”) on the main band (next to your finger) or on the spinner. You can also have a “I am enough” stamped on the inside as a private message to yourself!

If you want a custom ring, please convo me, I adore custom orders and will work with you for however long it takes to make it truly something you love!

Custom ring order form

(Skip what is not applicable)


*********Before ordering, please find out your "wide band ring size" which usually means going to a pro jewelry shop and telling them you need to be sized for a 1/2" wide ring. NOT the 1/4" wide band ring sizer.************

I make whatever size you want. Spinner rings cannot be resized, only remade, from scratch. No refunds or exchanges on spinner rings.

If you don't choose finish, color or font on your order form, it will resemble the main ring in photo in #1.

Here's a link to where all the font options are, the design stamps I have at this time and texture/color options.

Take your time as it can be overwhelming for some people! I personally think this part is super fun! If you need help with anything please ask! :)

To make it easy, just cut and paste the following into a convo :)


Size? (try on some wide band rings at your local stores for an idea or better yet, jewelry shops)

Width is 1/2"

Font choice? If no choice, then the ring will look like the one in the photo

Finish? Matte or shiny shiny (mirror finish)

Antiqued? (photos 1 and 2 are examples of antiqued matte finish look, the last three are the shiny/naked metal with just the letters filled in, no antiquing.)

Where do you want your words stamped? The photos listed show the words "I am enough" on the outside of the ring that spins. If you want your "I am enough" hand stamped on the outside of the wider band anywhere or on the inside of the wide band with a design stamp - dragonflies, flowers, hearts, semi colon etc, you can have that too!


That's it! Easy peasy, right?

Comes in a beautiful ring box wrapped with a ribbon!

Ready for gift giving! :)

This item WILL be insured and includes tracking :)

Please note: Almost all sterling/copper/brass jewelry tarnishes. No refunds will be given due to tarnishing. Some people react to certain metals more than others. It's not a defect in my work or the metals I use.

Keep dry, away from dirt, cleaning solutions, pools and lotions.

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