Sterling silver I am enough hand stamped wrap ring with arrows

Sterling silver I am enough hand stamped wrap ring with arrows


Sterling silver, adjustable, I am enough ring with arrows and butterfly made in your custom size.

I'm really big on the "I am enough" message and created this design so that it would be adjustable for pretty much anyone. It's perfect for a surprise gift for that special someone who could use a positive reminder of how much you love them and think of them. It is easier to gift someone an adjustable ring than it is a certain size, especially when you don't know!

Positive affirmations can have such an impact on our lives and this is why I created the entire "I am enough" series. I wanted to give people a visual of the words so they can silently look down and breathe it in. "I am enough" and know they're worthy. I wear mine and say the same thing. I breathe in "I am enough" and when I breathe out I say "let it go" to whatever negative self affirmation I'm trying to change at that moment. We all have both negative and positive affirmations - this is just one of many many ways to replace those old worn out tapes that drag us down.

These rings are adjustable, for instance, if you wear a size 7 normally, then I try to keep the center of the ring a 7 and tapered so that it fits your finger naturally.

*** if you do need to adjust it, try keeping it round as you do so. Metal hardens after being moved so many times and eventually will just break (remember paperclips?) so please remember to be gentle with it

This ring arrives in a gift box wrapped with a ribbon

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