Sterling silver I am enough wrap ring with 3mm genuine stone cabochon

Sterling silver I am enough wrap ring with 3mm genuine stone cabochon


This listing is for a personalized and custom "I am enough" silver ring that is a wraparound and includes the stone of your choice in 3mm.

I'm really big on the "I am enough" message and created this design so that you could add a stone to the ring that might be a healing stone or your birthstone.

Positive affirmations can have such an impact on our lives and this is why I created the entire "I am enough" series. I wanted to give people a visual of the words so they can silently look down and breathe it in. "I am enough" and know they're worthy. I wear mine and say the same thing. I breathe in "I am enough" and when I breathe out I say "let it go" to whatever negative self affirmation I'm trying to change at that moment. We all have both negative and positive affirmations - this is just one of many many ways to replace those old worn out tapes that drag us down.

These rings are adjustable, give me your size and I'll create the ring that size but you can gently adjust it a bit larger or smaller. The wrap does fit slightly different than a regular ring. For instance, if you wear a size 7 normally, then I try to keep the center of the ring a 7 and tapered so that it fits your finger naturally.

*** if you do need to adjust it, try keeping it round as you do so. Metal hardens after being moved so many times and eventually will just break (remember paperclips?) so please remember to be gentle with it

The stone choices are amazing.

In the photos I have listed in this order from left to right

Far left

Lab spinel light blue

Lab spinel dark blue

CZ - Orange

CZ - Green

CZ - Clear

2nd row from left

Lab corundum light pink

Lab corundum dark pink




3rd row from left

Garnet 1

Garnet 2 (ant hill garnet)




4th row from left


Blue Topaz




5th row from left

Green Amethyst


Peach Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone (not pictured is regular moonstone)


Far right row

Tourmaline - clearish

Tourmaline - pinkish

Tourmaline - purple pinkish

Tourmaline - greenish

Tourmaline - yellowish

All of the stones are 3 mm.

All the letters will be filled in unless stated otherwise.

Sterling silver is the only material I use for this ring. Nickle free!!

So, you get to pick a size, pick a stone and start thinking to yourself "I am enough"

What I love about this type of design is that it can be worn on many fingers, the wrap around design keeps it on better and the great thing I love about it, it's much better than a fixed band (not adjustable) for arthritis!

Since it's adjustable, it's much easier to give as a gift and not be stuck with a ring that doesn't fit.

The ring itself is around 3 or 4 inches in length and I trim it so it wraps, but not all the way around your finger. All the edges have been smoothed out, tumbled in my tumbler for a few hours to get shiny shiny and smooth. I have several fun fonts I use, see one you like? Ask and I'll see what I can do, otherwise it will default to one of the two fonts you see in these photos. Each ring is hand stamped as each order comes in, so be sure to let me know if there's anything different you would like that is far different than the photos.

The filling of the letters is black industrial ink and will fade over time. They will fade faster if you wet it, use lotions or cleaning solutions. Avoid all of these and the ink will last longer.

Many of these gemstones I use are considered healing or have meaning for people. Find out what works for you if this is something you believe in.

Each letter is hand stamped, one by one. Since it is handmade, there will be slight variations in the stamping.

Comes in a gift box ready for gift giving with 2 week turnaround.

Want one for mom? Order early for Mother's Day!

convo me for any questions, I'm happy to answer!

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